Purchase our 2013 full-length, Vuxola, digitally or as a CD, for $5. Or stream the entire thing for free.

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Album Art for Vuxola (2013)

Vuxola is Poor Lily’s second full-length, released in August 2013.

Recorded and mixed at Exeter Recording in Freehold, N.J. by Joe Dell’Aquila.
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Recording.

1. Birdbomb
2. The Days are Not Piano Keys
3. Railroad Spike
4. Ego Killed the Dinosaurs
5. Slurping Sludge
6. Justice Kennedy Has a Cold
7. Crunchy Skulls
8. Microwave
9. Injun Killer
10. Green & Radioactive
11. Hooliganism
12. The Drunken Mapmaker
13. Hack Magic
14. Puritan Nation, Baby!
15. Dept. of Killing Me
16. Vending Machine
17. Send in the Drones
18. Crank Radio
19. Hawkin’ Jesus

For complete lyrics, click here.