Poor Lily is a punk band from New York and Connecticut. Dom drums, Max plays guitar, Adam plays bass. Fast, fun, loud songs about campaign finance reform, the NSA, dinosaurs, vending machines, microwaves and other appliances. Formed in 2010, Poor Lily has four critically-acclaimed releases: Poor Lily (2011) was called “innovative, inventive” and “an SST-ish breath of rancid smog.” Three Songs EP (2012) was described as an “In on the Kill Taker-era Fugazi-esque barn-burner,” Vuxola (2013), “pure straight-up no-bullshit punk rock’n’roll that kicks mad ass and takes lots of names.” Poor Lily’s newest release Dirt on Everyone (2016) a punk rock opera about the NSA and spying, has been hailed as “a 30-minute blast of mayhem brings to mind bits of The Dead Kennedys and NOMEANSNO” and Razorcake called it “a successful musical experiment if ever there was one.”

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