Poor Lily (2011)

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Recorded at Exeter Recordings in Freehold, N.J. by Joe Dell’Aquilla in 2010 and 2011
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering

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there is a trap door
in this song
there is a kill switch
in this song
among the hidden messages
there is a message
and while you pretend
to not be looking
the song pretends
you don’t exist
do you exist?
I can say anything I want
I can do anything I want
I’ve got a trap door
I know where it’s hidden
you don’t
but I’m too afraid
I won’t leave
the hinges are rusty
they need WD40
I’d make too much noise
and you’d follow me
did you hear that?
do you follow me?

2.5 SONG
I got home and the cockroaches
had enough of it
I caught one cleaning
the crust off the stove
I got home and she had enough of it
I caught her in a corner
with a hammer and my CDs
is this really as low as it goes?
it’s unknown the unknown
I got home and I decided
I had enough of it
I ripped the hissing radiator
off the wall
I threw it into my television
and picked up my guitar
and I smashed every fucking thing I own
is this really as low as it goes?
it’s unknown the unknown
sometimes it takes seeing the bottom

I got not that much room in my mind
my 10 mile head is only 6 inches wide
inflated mouths hang off my hide
I need to cut the ballast and throw it over the side
I can’t cut em all out of my life, they multiply
a virus darkens my whole blood red sky
drain my brain out through my spine
gone is Mr. Nice and Grinning Guy
I gotta cut em all out
I can’t cut em all out
800 jerks

hey mommy I want a machine gun
hey daddy give me an atom bomb
all the soldiers in the world
could surround me and shoot me down
people could come up and look at my corpse
and something else about heart strings
I got a pistol
I got an H-BOMB
I got an Uzi
I’m a rocket-fueled god
get the guns you need now

we never just get there
we all lose some beauty on the way
the devil takes his cut and leaves behind some shame
you wanna talk about forces?
there’s always some assembly required
even if you’re together at the start
there’s always some new proposition
designed to tax more beats off your heart
you wanna talk about forces?
there’s truth in gravity

the gravestones are floating
the protests are building
hey fucko
love nonsense
the protests are floating
the gravestones are building
I’m alright and you seem OK

well I’ve been thinking about becoming a maniac
I’ve been thinking about becoming a president
sanity is for the insane
at 3AM I need a 6 to keep me OK
wander around the Bronx for days
sanity is for the insane
I’ve been thinking of becoming a messiah
maniacs decide to sleep
presidents decide to sleep
CEOs decide to sleep
I’m never gonna get to sleep

the mad, I humbly invite
to light your head on fire with me
here's all you need:
the first step is materials
you can use gasoline
with matches or torches or a stove
yer gonna need a bucket of liquid
to squelch the flames
preferably nothing over 80 proof
would you douse me if I douse you?
would you light me if I light you?
got a light?
now your onto step 2
you need the right setting and a friend
somewhat crazy, someone like you
remember safety first
grasp your lighter firmly, 2 hands
light, run around, 20 seconds tops
stop drop roll and dunk yer head in yer liquid
once again I recommend under 80 proof
would you douse me if I douse you?
Would you light me if I light you?
do it for salvation
do it to heal your pain
do it if you’re bored

I get attacked by a lot of dogs
dogs ain’t gods
I’ve got a memory like an elephant
with a steel trap mind
I hate doctors
I perform my own surgeries
if you want it done, do it yourself
I make out alright
I’m not a monster
I kill monsters
I’m not a monster
I’m a regular guy
I don’t vote
I don’t care
I cut my own hair
I knew a guy who stopped trying
then he failed so I stopped
but then I tried
I’m above ground now
I’ll be home soon
I’ll be drunk soon
normal usual customary habitual routine typical common conventional constant even keeled unvarying innocent regular

I keep trying to kill tomorrow today
I’m crawling cross the end of my last day
I had to do it, I needed the money
I had to give away all I could give
I had to do it I needed the money
I had no soul but I had money
we are the monkey on the bomb
riding to oblivion

why don’t you stick a needle in my head
and extract my point of view?
a conscious decision to be weirder
is still a conscious decision
like loving yer hate
or working long hours perfectly messing up yer hair
this year let’s do nothing and not brag about it
I’m outta my mind, but that’s alright
I’ve got time to obsess over my hated
I’m trying real hard to stop trying
but my mind is a T-shirt factory
I’m loving my hate
and working long hours perfectly messing up my hair
this year let’s do nothing and not brag about it
pretty little uniform

they're gonna test what you believe
they’re gonna try to dissuade
they’re gonna test what you say
they’re gonna call you out and twist you to suit their ways
I want to destroy
I'm gonna go atomic speed
I've gotta shield my mind from the evils of the FCC
right on now I’ve got it and it’s right on you
right on now it’s right on you
they’re gonna test what you wanna be
they’re gonna try to delete
they’re gonna test your uncertainty
they’re gonna drag you out and pound shit into your brain
you’re just a decoy
a covert attempt to be a part of mankind
like me you fucking thief

the body is a god thing
the body is a good thing
fucking is a god thing
fucking is a good thing
I deal with the god things
fucking the good things
religion ands sex
I like my religion
with a whole lotta sex


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