Press for Dirt on Everyone:

Dirt on Everyone is a successful musical experiment if ever there was one.”—Razorcake

Dirt on Everyone finds the trio at their most Nomeansno. Advanced musicianship, chanting vocals and syncopation dominate through seamlessly connected blasts of post-Minutemen fury. Certain elements brilliantly recall Frankenchrist-era Dead Kennedys and post-Red Medicine Fugazi while The Molecules also appear in brief exchanges…”—The Big Takeover

“This is a class act all around. There’s even a mock business letter, replete with redactions, on the back of the lyric sheet. We live in scary times, and Poor Lily’s not feeling it. Neither should you.Razorcake

“This 30-minute blast of mayhem brings to mind bits of The Dead Kennedys and NOMEANSNO, blending together frantic political punk and funky syncopation … Poor Lily is a breath of fresh air in a music scene that stinks of the pollution of sameness and boredom.Jersey Beat

“This album is a barn burner right from the get go … to my ears they sound even heavier and meaner, and I like it.”—United By Rocket Science

“The lyrics are basically some of the names of top secret surveillance programs repeated, like “Egotistical Giraffe,” a name that always deserved its place in an American punk rock song.”—Shadowproof

“I could see this being the soundtrack to the first hardcore musical with a play and instead of an orchestra, just Poor Lily in the pit slamming through the musical bits.”—In Effect Hardcore

“Too many bands fall into the punk rock rut, but Poor Lily defy the status quo by remaining fresh, energetic and always unpredictable. Let Dirt on Everyone define why punk rock is better with more than three chords.” —The Big Takeover


Press for Vuxola:

Poor Lily take the 3-chord punk stereotype and make a mockery of it

without showboating and filling songs with unnecessary solos, they’ve created a balance that is surprisingly not more popular … Poor Lily make a lot of noise for a three-piece and that’s a good thing.” — (4/5 Stars)

“It’s everything great about punk rock without all the bummer filler

… It’s nice to know that there are still punk bands out there that value musicianship and song-craft as much as their punk rock ethos. In doing so, Poor Lily have joined the ranks of bands who evolved punk into something more than three chords and a sneer. It’s real music for real people, so leave your pretensions at the door. And grab me a beer. —The Big Takeover

Vuxola stands on it’s own as one of the most energetic and downright frantic and engaging records to come down the pike in some time.” —United By Rocket Science

Aggressive, funny, serious, and evolved, Poor Lily represents what punk rock has evolved into to remain sustainable and relevant.”

—Outsider Magazine

Vuxola is one of those rare records where hearing the obvious influences doesn’t detract in the least from the overall originality of the sound … loud, snotty and brash, blowing through 19 songs in about a half hour. — When You Motor Away…

“What we have are brain-busting guitar lines interacting with a rhythm section that keeps things moving along with muscular, yet subtle aplomb, whether going for straight hardcore aggro or something with jazzier (for want of a better term) inclinations.” —Al Quint, Suburban Voice

“Fuck yeah, man! Time to crank it up and spew,

for what we got here is a 19 song eruption of pure straight-up no-bullshit punk rock’n’roll that kicks mad ass and takes lots of names … If this tasty nasty shit doesn’t make you want to crush beer cans on your head and kick your dog out the window, then you just ain’t with the venomous program, baby. Awesome in-your-face stuff.” —Jersey Beat

Confident, strange, and buoyant songs that are so precise they might as well be laser-guided. Similar in oddity and tone as NoMeansNo and Alice Donut or even more challenging shit like Ruins. Nineteen songs kind of pushes the limits of my endurance, but they’re undoubtedly good at what they’re doing.”—Razorcake


Three Songs EP:

“While you’re at it, check out Poor Lily’s EP Three Songs – the last songs they recorded with engineer/producer Jacques Cohen (RIP), a true friend and benefactor to bands along the Hudson River whose sphere of influence will be sorely missed. Includes the Poor Lily “epic” (almost three and a half minutes!) “Third Rail,” a powerful In on the Kill Taker-era Fugazi-esque barn-burner of a track.

Also a song about Alejandro Jodorowsky‘s jaw-dropping spiritual journey on film, El Topo. Yeah, it’s good.”

—The Big Takeover

High powered, high caliber wrecking-ball rock drawing from the well of NoMeansNo, Victims Family, etc.

Vocals that channel the ghost of D. Boon and the songs are jarring, particularly the final, three-minute-plus “Third Rail,” which rides a scintillating guitar signature into more of a focused frenzy. The other two song possess a chaotic, ripsaw approach. Definitely worthy of your attention.” — Al Quint, Suburban Voice

“‘Ooookay,’ I think. ‘A shrink-wrapped CD single that won’t play in CD player. Great. Computer reads the band as Judas Child, and the songs as ‘Early Morning Peace,’ ‘Happy Place,’ and ‘This Soul Has Flown.’ Huh. This will be stellar, I’m sure.’ Then I press Play and my jaw promptly bounces to floor. Poor Lily’s a three-piece, mostly out of Brooklyn, that features dudes—I shit you not—from Beyond, H20, and Lightning Crabs playing what sounds like Some Girls deviously and fuckedupedly covering the Minutemen. Three songs. It’s bizarre, surprising, frenetic, wound tight as a spring, riveting as shit, and really, really good.”—Razorcake


Poor Lily, 2011:

“Even though two-thirds of this band have held down regular jobs and raised families, they still musically sound like 19 year olds who like screaming, moshing, shop lifting and going to the record store every Saturday.” —The Needle Drop

“… an SST-ish breath of rancid smog who bring some reality and meaning back into the hardcore aesthetic.” — Chuck Foster, The Big Takeover

“Poor Lily’s album is a reminder of how vibrant the noise coming out of the hardcore and punk scenes can occasionally be: innovative, inventive, interesting. There are moments of straightforward hardcore here, but they’re disrupted by an endless stream of ideas. It is for the best, really. It’s not shoegazing, it’s not pretentious, but it’s not straightforward or cliché. It’s just fucking loud and interesting. Thank fuck for that.” — (4/5 Stars)

“This shit is harsh. Excessively harsh, and perhaps a bit polarizing … I’m pretty sure it’ll grow on me, though. It’s worth a listen or two. Or three. Or as many times as it takes for you to grasp what the hell’s going on.” — Bucking Flunt